Freelance Writer • Copywriter • Copy Editor • Social Media Strategist • Marketing Strategist • Brand Development • Marketing Writer • Ghostwriter.

  • Create biographies, website content, press releases, and social media content for individuals, businesses and organizations.
  • Develop social media management strategy and content for individuals to effectively use their online presence to increase clients, sales, and gain a positive reputation.
  • Provide strategic marketing and brand development services; including all aspects of product marketing, marketing communications, market analysis, as well as print media and website brand development.
  • Specializes in entertainment and lifestyle journalism.
  • Securing and conducting interviews.
  • Research, fact checking, proofreading.

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As a freelance provider of strategic marketing, social media management, copy editing and copywriting services (with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree) - most of my time is spent working on how to get the attention of my clients customers in 3 seconds or less. I've worked on a variety of projects of different sizes.

While I specialize in journalism and creative projects, I handle agency, corporate and business writing projects too. Even if you have no idea what you need, I can help you figure it out. Contact me and lets get to work.