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What does Google look for in their Ranking Factor?

It’s the golden standard – for any SEO professional and small business owner – to be as close as possible to spot number one on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). There are a couple of things that Google looks at when ranking websites. Here are some of them.
The older your domain is, the more likely it could be ranked up the first page of the Google SERPs. There are more than a couple of reason why this could be so.

Why you Should Aim to be on the First Page of the Google SERPs

Google has become the Yellow Pages of the 21st Century. It’s the go-to for anyone wanting to do research about a particular topic or find the contact details of a specific company. It’s a goal of most companies to be top of their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for their particular keywords. However, the question must be asked: Why is this?
Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are the results that Google returns once you’ve typed in a query. These results could answer your question directly or could provide more information that will help you answer your query.

Similarities Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Most businesses in 2019 rely on a variety of digital marketing channels to drive sales, create brand awareness and engage in effectively with their clients. The trend of online marketing ever increasing is set to continue. It has now become an essential investment for any business.
Many misconceptions still surround digital marketing and how this trend differs from traditional marketing.

Why a Digital Marketing Career Is a Top Choice in 2019

Technology is integrated into our daily lives more than ever before. With smart phones at our fingertips, we are constantly connected. As our online presence continues to grow, it’s become essential for businesses to be online as well. That’s where a digital marketing career has its greatest value.
Digital marketing has grown into a booming industry. It encompasses a wide range of services and products that are provided through the Internet.

What You Should be Looking for in a Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing is big business. On Instagram alone, experts predict that the spend on this type of marketing is set to reach US$2.38 billion in 2019. However, there are many people on who say they are social media influencers however this cannot be farther from the truth. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas about what you should be looking for if you decide to use an influencer in your social media marketing strategy.
When looking for the right social media influencer(s) for your brand, you must be sure that they are talking to the audience that you want your brand to be speaking to.