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The Big Bang Theory's Worst Character, Explained

It’s been a minute since The Big Bang Theory hit our screens in 2007. Over its 12-season run,
Each week, fans tuned in to watch this lovable group of friends navigates the complexities of everyday life. Penny outgrew her ditsy qualities, Sheldon got better at picking up on social cues, Howard lost his creep vibe, and Raj was able to talk to women. But Leonard Hofstadter became increasingly irritating over the years, making him the most annoying character in the series.

Planet of the Apes Movies Ranked, According to Critics

Back when franchises were still a new concept, there was the Planet of the Apes film series. The story essentially holds up a mirror to humanity, depicting its failings and conflicts through a rather wild premise. The films have cemented their place in pop culture, making the franchise a must-see for anyone who loves good storytelling. That said, here's a ranking of every Planet of The Apes film by their Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes scores' average.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Superman's Best Moment Is Also the Cut's Worst Edit

Zack Snyder's Justice League has been one of the most-talked-about cinematic events in recent history. The phenomenal four-hour feature essentially removes all of Joss Whedon's footage and brings Synder's original vision to life in its spectacular entirety.
Overall, Zack Snyder's Justice League has been extremely well-received, but when it comes to Superman and Lois' reunion, it does have one notable difference from the theatrical cut.

American Dad: One Family Member's Disguises Are BETTER Than Roger's

American Dad!’s resident alien Roger Smith is the king of personas. Seamlessly switching disguises in a matter of seconds, he has the residents of Langley Falls believing whatever he wants them to.
To keep track of his costumed shenanigans, the lovable alien keeps a ledger of all the people he knows and the aliases they know him as. While Roger’s never-ending carousel of outfits is impressive, Francine often gives him a run for his money when it comes to successfully pulling off a disguise.

The Watch: Terry Pratchett Fans' Anger Over BBC's Discworld Series, Explained

A lot of Terry Pratchett fans aren’t too happy with the BBC’s new series The Watch. The show, which is based on the author’s Discworld series of books, was maligned by would-be viewers as soon as the first trailer was released and has since airing received negative reviews from critics and viewers. The discontent might seem a little extreme at first, especially since on-screen adaptations are seldom exactly like the source material, but the complaints might be justified in this situation.

The South African

Taylor Swift: A breakdown of each of her musical eras

Taylor Swift is a singer that resonates with music lovers across generations. From her debut single “Tim McGraw” in 2006 to her latest venture, Midnights, Swift has sold over 30 million albums and claimed 12 Grammy Awards.

Her music is a testament to the human experience, touching hearts and providing an emotional refuge. Swift’s musical evolution has been a spectacle, transforming her from a country music darling to an indie pop icon.

#FreeBritney: BBC to release new 'Britney' documentary

The BBC has announced plans to release a documentary about pop princess Britney Spears and her conservatorship. The move comes after the success of the FX/Hulu documentary which aired on 5 February 2021.

Released as an edition of series, the film chronicled Spears’s rise to fame, her treatment by the paparazzi, her highly publicised 2007 breakdown, and her court-mandated conservatorship (overseen by her father Jamie Spears) that she has been living under since 2008.

Trailer release: Sebastian Stan to star in romance drama ‘Monday’ [watch]

Fans of Sebastian Stan rejoice! IFC Films has dropped the first trailer for , an alluring romantic drama starring the Marvel superhero opposite Denise Gough of fame.

The trailer’s release comes just as the hype around Sebastian Stan continues to build in anticipation of his upcoming Marvel’s Disney+ miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . But unlike the brooding Bucky Barnes, Stan’s character in is laid-back and fun-loving.

Marvel drops final trailer for 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' [watch]

Marvel Studios has released the eagerly awaited final trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ahead of the series premiere this Friday 19 March. And the brand-new clip of the upcoming Disney+ series is filled with loads of action-packed footage.

After being handed the mantle of Captain America at the end of , the series follows Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) as they team up in a worldwide adventure that puts their abilities to the test against a new threat.

Chadwick Boseman nominated for posthumous Academy Award

Chadwick Boseman has received a posthumous Academy Award nomination for his work in , an adaptation of the popular August Wilson play. The actor has previously won a Golden Globe award for the same role.

The George C Wolfe-directed film tells the story of Ma Rainey, an influential blues singer in the 1920s. Boseman plays Levee Green, a talented trumpet player who hopes to break away from Rainey in an attempt to secure his own record deal.

'Black Widow' latest release date to remain unchanged, Disney bosses say

The release date for Marvel’s movie, to feature Scarlett Johansson one last time, has been in question for ages. The film has been pushed back several times due to the global pandemic, with some speculating that its May premiere could be delayed further.

But Disney’s bosses are determined to keep the current date unchanged. At Disney’s annual shareholder meeting this week, CEO Bob Chapek reiterated that the release date for the highly anticipated superhero film would remain in May.

Boa bonanza: Harry Styles lives up to fashion icon status at Grammys

Harry Styles has never opted to play it safe when it comes to fashion. Instead, the singer makes a fashion statement, and his appearance at the 2021 Grammy Awards was of course no different. Styles, who was nominated for various awards, had three wardrobe changes throughout the night and accessorized each one with a matching faux fur boa.

The 27-year-old opened the event (which was a virtual/in-person hybrid) wearing a black leather Gucci suit along with a green boa. The fuzzy accessory was discarded during his performance of his hit single Watermelon Sugar. But that wasn’t the last of the bold, head-turning statement piece.

'Supergirl' update: Young Cat Grant to appear in sixth and final season

Supergirl’s mentor, Cat Grant, is set to make a comeback in the show’s sixth and final season. But her return will not quite be in the way fans might expect.
A younger version of the media mogul will appear in flashbacks to the early days of her career. Back then, she was simply known as journalist CJ Grant.

When viewers are introduced to CJ, she is eager to step out of Lois Lane’s shadow and out from under her boss Perry White’s thumb. So she does what any good journalist would do and chases down a story that leads her to Kara’s hometown of Midvale.

‘She’s All That’ gender-swapped remake is heading to Netflix

Netflix is developing a gender-swapped reboot of 1999’s romantic comedy . The remake will star TikTok sensation-turned-actress Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan, and original star Rachael Leigh Cook in a brand new role.

He’s All That flips the original narrative and will be told from a teenage girl’s point of view. But the film’s main protagonist is still said to be inspired by Freddie Prinze Jr’s Zackary Siler.

Taylor Swift to perform at Grammy Awards after reclaiming 'Fearless'

Taylor Swift is set to perform at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, just weeks after announcing the re-release of her first number one, breakthrough album will be released in its entirety on April 9th and includes updated versions of the original recordings. The lead single, , has been available for download since February 11th. The album will also include six bonus tracks that didn’t make it on to the original record at the time.

Sabrina Carpenter eyes Harry Styles for 'Alice in Wonderland' musical

Sabrina Carpenter says she would love to star opposite Harry Styles in her upcoming Netflix musical . The American singer and actress, 21, made the revelation while doing a virtual promotional tour for her new single .

In an interview with Capital Breakfast’s Roman Kemp, she revealed that if it were up to her she would cast Harry Styles and Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino) in the new film.

Dream gig: Laduma Ngxokolo on making costumes for 'Coming 2 America'

Laduma Ngxokolo is still ecstatic about landing the design gig of a lifetime as a costume designer on . The film is a sequel to the 1988 cult classic, which also starred Eddie Murphy.

Ngxokolo’s surreal journey began in 2019, when the Academy Award-winning costume designer Ruth E Carter contacted him about having his designs prominently featured in the movie. In February, the South African fashion designer was finally able to share the exciting news with his fans, saying “the rest was history.

Fortress of Solitude

Friends: The Reunion Is Made For Die-Hard Fans

After being delayed for over a year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, HBO Max has finally reunited Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer for the highly anticipated Friends: The Reunion special. Directed by Late Late Show producer Ben Winston, the unscripted gathering is the first time in 17 years that the Friends stars have been brought together since the show ended its ten-season run in 2004.

Friends: The Reunion begins with each cast member walking onto the recreated Friends soundstage on the Warner Bros lot. It’s filled with some emotional greetings and a good dose of reminiscing. The opening credits are (obviously) set to the show’s theme song and leads into a live interview hosted by late night television host James Corden.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight Gaming Mouse Is A Hit With Gamers

With all the fanfare surrounding the release of next-gen gaming units, PC gaming has sort of slipped into the shadows. But due to the hefty price tags attached to those consoles, gaming on your computer is a pretty good alternative – especially if you have the right gear.

At only 63 grams, Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight is essentially a feather-light version of the brand’s Pro Wireless mouse. But there are several other differences worth noting.

Channel Your Inner Captain America With This Leather Jacket

When it comes to clothes very few items come packaged with as much attitude, heritage and unfiltered coolness as a leather jacket. In the movies, they’re synonymous with brooding heroes, biker gangs and more. But in reality, they’re really a surprisingly versatile classic. And no wardrobe is complete without one.

Unfortunately, that isn’t very likely since we live in the boring real world. But thanks to an extensive range of perfectly crafted movie-replica leather jackets from Fit Jackets, you can still look like the superhero of your dreams.

Actor Sam Myerson Uses Social Media As His Own Comedy Sketch Show

With the entertainment industry in disarray due to the global pandemic, a lot of actors have had to find more creative ways of doing what they love. Although lots of famous folks use social media to keep their fans entertained, indie film star Sam Myerson has taken it to the next level.

The California native, who’s tirelessly worked to make a name for himself in Hollywood, is using his social media platforms to promote his own comedy sketches. His skits are a brilliant mix of current and classic humour, reminiscent of Jerry Seinfeld’s observational comedy.

Confessions That Can Get Your Movie Card Revoked

Social media platforms and pop culture forums have made it virtually impossible for anyone to have a differing opinion about a movie, television show, or fictional character. Openly express criticism of a popular movie and your timeline will be flooded with comments from strangers telling you why you’re wrong, or even stupid for not liking Movie X,Y or Z.

The argument usually escalates quickly, with your personal taste being equated with sexism, racism, bigotry, or whatever other terrible insult they have at the ready. In reality, this is a false equivalency. A difference of opinion about something (in the grand scheme of things) as insignificant as a movie really shouldn’t be just cause for online harassment or bullying.

So in the spirit of everyone being different but equally awesome, here’s a list of relatively unpopular opinions about some of the most famous movies in recent years that would probably get my movie card revoked.

Is Metacritic’s New Review Decision Leaning Towards Censorship?

Metacritic is implementing a 36-hour review delay to ensure that people actually had enough time to play a game before sharing their thoughts about it online.
Some gamers might view the move as an attempt to stifle their opinions, and perhaps it is. But is that really a bad thing?

Ever since the rise of social media, Joe Public has been given a platform to shift the narrative in various areas of the entertainment industry. It only takes a second for a seemingly harmless comment or tweet to spiral out of control, forcing studios to change their CGI graphics, fire a director or change their casting choice.

The truth is “cancel culture” hides under the guise of an opinion, which everyone is entitled to, regardless of the facts laid out in front of them. However, there needs to be a line drawn between the need to express and opinion and causing financial ruin to a company.

Marvel: How To Watch Every Movie In Scene-By-Scene Chronological Order

Marvel created something new with The Avengers in 2012. The movie brought together different heroes from their own stories into one big team-up movie. When that was done the characters parted ways and went back to their own sequels.

This type of storytelling has always been done in the comics. But doing it across 23 films with so many strong characters and undertones was brand new. While each movie may not be telling the exact same story, they all take place in the same universe and are connected by characters, events, and settings.

So if you’re new to the franchise you’d be forgiven for being a little confused as to how they all fit together, and in which order to watch them.

South African Cinemas Hoping to Open in July - But Will You Go?

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the entire movie industry came to a screeching halt. Film and television productions were put on hold, while cinemas (including South African cinemas) themselves have been closed for almost two months (depending on which part of the world you’re in). But in recent weeks, Hollywood studios have held out hope that movie theatres will be back in business by early July.

In South Africa, the release of Unhinged will coincide with cinema openings across the globe. South African cinemas plan to open safely and will comply with all state public health department guidelines. Safety measures include socially distant seating (capacities of 25-50%), staggered showtimes to reduce crowding, and more time between each show to allow for increased cleaning.

Emergence - A Sci-Fi Mystery Focused On Family

Every new series comes with the promise of something exciting – an original premise, new characters to root for, and (hopefully) a story that keeps viewers wanting more. It’s a pretty simple three-step formula for creating a good series. And while the success of shows that bring beloved comic book characters to life is undeniable (and a personal favorite of mine), an original idea is always a nice change. Emergence gives viewers a good dose of change with its fresh cast, new premise and original storyline.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3: Hell Has Never Been Hotter

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s horror-filled reimagining of our favourite half-witch half-mortal is back for a third season of – and hell has never been hotter.

Season three of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina picks up one month later with Aunties Zelda and Hilda rallying what’s left of their coven to re-open the Academy of Unseen Arts.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is determined to make good on her vow to bring Nick back from Hell. After a few failed attempts she realizes the only way to save Nick is by claiming her rightful place as Queen of Hell. But there’s a catch. Citing infernal law, The Prince of Hell, Caliban challenges her claim to the throne.

As Sabrina focuses on Caliban’s challenge and business of being Queen, a battle for Greendale ensues in which she is forced to choose between the throne and the town she calls home.

New TV Series You Should Be Watching In 2020

The formula for any good TV series is pretty simple. You need likeable, compelling characters in a familiar but not overly familiar setting. These characters need to be unique but still relatable enough so that they’re not completely different from people you know or have seen on other TV shows.
Thanks to network television and a variety of streaming sites, there’s never a shortage of great shows to choose from. But with so many diverse viewing niches available to audiences, it’s easy for some shows to slip through the cracks.
So while we wait for Baby Yoda to return, here’s a list of new series you might have missed but are totally worth adding to your watch list.

Charmed Season 1 Celebrates All Things Witchy (Eventually)

In the world of entertainment, 2018 was definitely the year of the witch. For the first time since the ’90s our interest in them has piqued, as evidenced by the phenomenal success of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. So the excitement that surrounded the 2018 Charmed reboot is rather fitting.
The series opens with Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) sneaking out to a sorority party in her sister’s combat boots and Mel (Melonie Diaz) sending suggestive texts to an unidentified recipient. When Mel and Maggie return home from their respective nights out, they discover their mother (who was in the middle of unbinding their powers) lying lifeless on the ground outside.
Three months later while Mel and Maggie are doing their best to cope with the unsolved mystery surrounding their mother’s death, fate brings young scientist Macy Vaughn (Madeleine Mantock) to town.

Are SJWs And PC Culture-Based Propaganda Ruining Movies?

Movies are one of humanity’s greatest creations ever. Thanks to movies, we can travel back in time or even to a galaxy far, far away. We can escape to places beyond our wildest dreams and lose ourselves in the fantasy.
Movies are also a great way to learn. We can track the progress of humanity through the re-telling of stories about wars, gain insight into different countries and cultures and see just how much we have progressed as a society.
Like photographs, movies are a snapshot in time. This used to be the essence of all movies.
But lately Hollywood has tasked itself with leading us into a more “woke’ future by attempting to right the wrongs of all social evils. Having ditched the sexism, racial stereotyping and bigotry of yesteryear, Hollywood is attempting to erase the past in order to remedy the problem of unconscious bias.
But they’re not doing it very well.

What If Hulk’s Snap Created Mutants And The X-Men?

The worldwide box-office smash hit Avengers: Endgame marked the end of an era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And after the movie’s spectacularly tragic ending fans were left wondering what the future of the MCU will look like.
The events of Avengers: Endgame quite literally opened up the MCU to a multiverse of exciting possibilities. We were introduced to the existence of alternate timelines and we now know that one of the “Snaps” created an inter-dimensional hole (as seen in the recent trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home).
While Marvel gets ready to launch their five-year plan for Phase 4, the biggest buzz surrounding the franchise is the possible introduction of the X-Men. Ever since the Disney/Fox merger became official there’s been a lot of speculation about how mutants might make their MCU debut.

Why Bucky Barnes Deserves To Be Captain America Instead

After what seemed like an eternity, the curtain closed on over ten years of MCU awesomeness with . While the ending was pretty satisfying it also left fans with a lot of questions heading into the new phase.
The speculation over who would take up the mantle of Captain America has been bubbling under the surface ever since the MCU introduced us to The Winter Soldier and The Falcon way back in 2014. With Chris Evans tweeting about retiring from the role before Endgame dropped, we always knew that Steve Rogers would have to choose a successor.
And he did…

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 Review – Embraces Its Dark Side

Our favourite half witch, half mortal is back! returns to Netflix on Friday, April 5th for season two (or more accurately, part two of season one). The 2018 reimagining of the classic Archie Comics character by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was a huge hit among fans as well as critics – and part two does not disappoint.
Season two picks up right after the winter break and opens with a very in-sync-with-her-powers Sabrina rocking her classic comic book white-blonde hairdo while getting some magical help with her wardrobe. But despite the light-hearted tone of the opening sequence, the first five episodes take on a more serious tone than part one.

The Umbrella Academy Review – A Great Addition To Netflix’s Superhero Collection

The Umbrella Academy is coming to Netflix. Said to be one of the streaming service’s most anticipated shows of 2019, the ten-episode series is an adaptation of the popular, Eisner award-winning comic books and graphic novels (of the same name) created and written by Gerard Way, illustrated by Gabriel Bá, and published by Dark Horse Comics. Both Way and Bá serve as executive producers on the show, alongside showrunner and screenwriter Steve Blackman.
The story follows a team of super-powered siblings known as The Umbrella Academy, who fought evil for much of their childhoods under the tutelage of their guardian and mentor, Dr Reginald Hargreeves (aka The Monocle). Just like the comics, this is the premise of the series.

Sabrina Spellman’s Chilling Adventures Brings Fans “A Midwinter’s Tale”

It’s been about six weeks since The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina arrived on Netflix. And as expected the show, starring Kiernan Shipka in the title role, earned overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike for its blend of drama, horror and its talented cast.
As per the Netflix norm, the ten-episode first season was released in the streaming service’s typical binge format, and much to the delight of fans the series was picked up for a second season before the first even aired. But in a surprise move, writer and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had something extra planned for fans – a holiday special, titled The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale!

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Review - As Bewitching As Ever

We meet Sabrina Spellman as she carefully crosses off days on her calendar, leading to the date where she’s written “16th Birthday” and just underneath that “Dark Baptism.”
Both her aunts (active in their coven, The Church of Night) are preparing Sabrina for her baptism and encourage her to do right by the Spellman family and transfer from Baxter High to a school for witches, The Academy of the Unseen Arts. The ancient institution is led by the coven’s high priest, Father Faustus but the corridors are ruled by a trio of powerful mean girls, dubbed “The Weird Sisters.”

Thanos Shattered A Moon But Captain Marvel Can Move Planets

Long before Steve Rogers was defrosted or Tony Stark built his first suit – there was Captain Marvel. Brie Larson recently revealed the staggering scale of her character’s abilities, “She’s so strong – she can move planets. So, for me, it was like, how far can I go with this strength? All of the hype will be worth it.”
Samuel L. Jackson who will reprise his role as (a younger) Nick Fury and has also teased that Carol Danvers’ powers will be like nothing we have ever seen before, and are the key to defeating Thanos and undoing “The Snap”.
Captain Marvel can control entire planets. But it’s not just her incredible strength that may be the key to saving the universe.


Roan Ash Is Geared To Dominate The SA Music Scene

Growing up in Pretoria in the early 90's, Roan Ash always had a passion for music. He graduated from Hendrik Verwoerd High School and studied music at the Campus of Performing Arts.
Recounting his frustration while learning to play his first guitar at the age of 13, he describes his musical beginnings as humble, slow and small. Roan played his first gig at a school carnival in his hometown and then went on to play free shows at small venues, pubs and weddings.

Bon Jovi On A Bed of Rosé

Award-winning music icon Jon Bon Jovi and acclaimed French winemaker Gérard Bertrand have joined forces to launch a premium rosé wine label, named Diving Into Hampton Water – soon to be available on the U.S. market.
The venture was inspired by Bon Jovi's son, Jesse Bongiovi, who played a pivotal role in the brand's creation. The idea to create a wine emblematic of a vibrant lifestyle emerged during the family's time in the Hamptons, a group of exclusive suburbs on Long Island.

Meet Rising Music Star Beth Thornton

Growing up in a village in England, Beth Thornton always had a passion for music. Her tiny village in Oxfordshire didn't even have a supermarket – just a local pub where she played many gigs as a teenager. She went to school in a town around 20 minutes outside her village. She spent most of her days skipping lessons and hiding in the music practice rooms. Her musical tastes centre on pop and country. So naturally, her own music has been described as a combination of these two influences.

Harry Styles' New Gucci Campaign Is Going To Be A Hit

We already know Harry Styles can sing and act. He made his silver screen debut in the Academy Award-winning film "Dunkirk".
But now Styles is adding "fashion model" to his skill set, starring in Gucci's new Tailoring campaign.
While his role as the face of the campaign is confirmed, only one official image has been released – and it doesn't give much away. Posting on Instagram, the fashion house shared a teaser of Styles' forehead underneath a fish and chips sign.

Hollywood Actress Lindsey McKeon Gets Candid About Female Empowerment

When it comes to the Hollywood grind, no one works harder than Lindsey McKeon. She's beautiful, charming and talented. You've probably seen her on hit TV shows and movies such as "Supernatural", "One Tree Hill", "Women & Sometimes Men" and more. She is currently involved in a variety of ventures —onscreen projects, female empowerment programs and fundraising campaigns.
As an advocate for female empowerment, Lindsey revealed what it's like to be a woman in Hollywood, and spoke about her new podcast, as well as her new movie and television projects.

It’s Official, Elle Woods Is Back For Legally Blonde 3

Reese Witherspoon is once again set to star as sorority sister-turned-lawyer, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 3.
Witherspoon, who played Woods in the original 2001 Legally Blonde and a subsequent sequel in 2003, recently confirmed she will portray the character for the third time.
The actress confirmed the news with a simple Instagram post. In the video, she glides by on a pool float wearing a pink bikini and sunglasses (a nod to a scene from the original movie).

A Few Fun Facts About Ed Sheeran Ahead Of His 'Divide Tour' In South Africa

Ed Sheeran has taken the world by storm ever since the release of his debut studio album, "Plus", in 2011. His career has been a whirlwind of success ever since. A once in a generation songwriter, Sheeran was awarded a prestigious MBE for his services to music and charity at the end of 2017.
Next year's tour will see Sheeran perform at Johannesburg's FNB Stadium on March 23 and 24, and Cape Town Stadium on March 27.
To celebrate Ed Sheeran's S.A tour, here are a few fun facts about the popular musician you might not know...


7 Tips On Makeup Hygiene To Take Note Of

For many of us, doing our makeup is part of our daily routine. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that the products you apply to make you look and feel your best, aren’t doing more harm than good. No matter how often you cleanse, tone and moisturize, your skin won’t be at its healthiest if you don’t practice good makeup hygiene. Here are seven makeup hygiene hints to help you keep your makeup in a stellar condition, and your skin, radiant.

Real-life Angel, Harry Styles, Dances His Way Into Everyone’s Hearts

The highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finally aired on 28 November, and millions of viewers tuned in to watch the gorgeous winged models strut their stuff in the latest lingerie offerings from the world-famous brand.
Now let’s be real – it’s hard to upstage an intricately dressed Victoria’s Secret Angel. But this year one performer managed to shine. Musical guest and real-life angel, Harry Styles, stole the hearts of everyone who tuned in.

10 Ways To Be Kinder

It’s a tough world out there, and you never know what someone else is struggling with. Sometimes, all a person needs is a kind word or gesture to help them get through the day. Although many people overlook being kind, it is a positive way of living that makes others – and yourself – happy (and who doesn’t want that?) So the next time you find yourself feeling negative and irritable, take a deep breath and try to show kindness to a stranger.

Part-time Actor Chris Evans Doesn’t Think He’s 'Hot'

In a podcast interview with the Thirst Aid Kit, the Captain America star was asked when he first realized he was hot.

This is what he said…

“Oh, man! Goodness… I still feel like I’m just trying to pull a fast one over on people. You don’t know what I look like first thing in the morning. It’s rough.”

No, he wasn’t being humble. He actually has very relatable confidence issues about his appearance. Doubting his looks isn’t a recent development for the actor. Evans revealed to listeners that his feelings of insecurity are rooted in the pre-teen years of his life and that he still struggles with it today.

Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Makes Its Mark

For years almost everyone agreed on Taylor Swift. She wrote pretty love songs and scorching takedowns while most people struggled to put together a witty tweet. She scattered clues through her lyrics and liner notes, inviting die-hard fans to puzzle over what was fact and what was fiction. She won loads of awards. She was observant and savvy, and if those qualities were spun into a type of opportunistic cunning by her critics, it seemed like a good problem to have.

Sorry ladies, Ed Sheeran Is Officially Off The Market!

That’s right – everyone’s favourite ginger is now engaged to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, who said ‘I do’ to Ed’s proposal after almost three years of dating.
As is becoming standard in celeb world, Ed took to Instagram to announce his engagement with a loved-up pic of the two of them. “Got myself a fiancée just before new year”, he said in the caption. “We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx.”

Thrive Global

Learning To ‘Evolve’ With Actress, Lindsey McKeon

Lindsey McKeon has worked steadily in Hollywood and is best known as Tessa, The Reaper on Supernatural and Taylor James on One Tree Hill, among others.
Besides her acting work, Lindsey recently launched a new website called, Evolve by Lindsey. According to McKeon, if you love to live a healthy lifestyle but don’t want to feel like you’re giving up things you love then Evolve is the place for you. It’s somewhere to gather advice about health, wellness, diet, lifestyle, and relationships.

How Do You Know You’re In A Healthy Relationship?

Relationships are tricky. Even the best ones are filled with ups, downs, and in-betweens. That’s why it’s so important to create a healthy environment in your relationship.
Relationships give you the ability to discover yourself and your partner on a deep, intimate level. Healthy couples accept each other, flaws and all. You should accept who your partner chooses to be. Remember, there are cracks in everything, but that’s how the light gets in.

Total Beauty

Eyebrow Shaping 101: Follow These Dos and Don'ts for Flawless Arches

Whatever the shape, shade and thickness of your brows and no matter how klutzy you believe you are with a pencil or brush, believe us: You achieve fabulous brows . It just takes a little practice and finesse — and the extra work is totally worth it, since perfected brows can transform any face in an instant, framing the eyes and giving you a well-groomed look. So, ready for some tips? Here's how to get them right every time.

Make Natural Skin Care a Breeze With Ingredients You Can Nab From Your Pantry

You're environmentally conscious, you eat organic and you're religious about recycling — so of course, you want to treat your skin with the same care. And you know what? It's actually pretty easy to achieve. You can even create your own natural skin care concoctions at home using DIY recipes, which are just as effective as store-bought products. Keep reading for some of our favorite natural skin care DIYs.