Bon Jovi On A Bed of Rosé

Award-winning music icon Jon Bon Jovi and acclaimed French winemaker Gérard Bertrand have joined forces to launch a premium rosé wine label, named Diving Into Hampton Water – soon to be available on the U.S. market. The venture was inspired by Bon Jovi's son, Jesse Bongiovi, who played a pivotal role in the brand's creation. The idea to create a wine emblematic of a vibrant lifestyle emerged during the family's time in the Hamptons, a group of exclusive suburbs on Long Island.

Meet Rising Music Star Beth Thornton

Growing up in a village in England, Beth Thornton always had a passion for music. Her tiny village in Oxfordshire didn't even have a supermarket – just a local pub where she played many gigs as a teenager. She went to school in a town around 20 minutes outside her village. She spent most of her days skipping lessons and hiding in the music practice rooms. Her musical tastes centre on pop and country. So naturally, her own music has been described as a combination of these two influences.

Harry Styles' New Gucci Campaign Is Going To Be A Hit

We already know Harry Styles can sing and act. He made his silver screen debut in the Academy Award-winning film "Dunkirk". But now Styles is adding "fashion model" to his skill set, starring in Gucci's new Tailoring campaign. While his role as the face of the campaign is confirmed, only one official image has been released – and it doesn't give much away. Posting on Instagram, the fashion house shared a teaser of Styles' forehead underneath a fish and chips sign.

Hollywood Actress Lindsey McKeon Gets Candid About Female Empowerment

When it comes to the Hollywood grind, no one works harder than Lindsey McKeon. She's beautiful, charming and talented. You've probably seen her on hit TV shows and movies such as "Supernatural", "One Tree Hill", "Women & Sometimes Men" and more. She is currently involved in a variety of ventures —onscreen projects, female empowerment programs and fundraising campaigns. As an advocate for female empowerment, Lindsey revealed what it's like to be a woman in Hollywood, and spoke about her new podcast, as well as her new movie and television projects.

It’s Official, Elle Woods Is Back For Legally Blonde 3

Reese Witherspoon is once again set to star as sorority sister-turned-lawyer, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 3. Witherspoon, who played Woods in the original 2001 Legally Blonde and a subsequent sequel in 2003, recently confirmed she will portray the character for the third time. The actress confirmed the news with a simple Instagram post. In the video, she glides by on a pool float wearing a pink bikini and sunglasses (a nod to a scene from the original movie).

A Few Fun Facts About Ed Sheeran Ahead Of His 'Divide Tour' In South Africa

Ed Sheeran has taken the world by storm ever since the release of his debut studio album, "Plus", in 2011. His career has been a whirlwind of success ever since. A once in a generation songwriter, Sheeran was awarded a prestigious MBE for his services to music and charity at the end of 2017. Next year's tour will see Sheeran perform at Johannesburg's FNB Stadium on March 23 and 24, and Cape Town Stadium on March 27. To celebrate Ed Sheeran's S.A tour, here are a few fun facts about the popular musician you might not know...

Roan Ash Is Geared To Dominate The SA Music Scene

Growing up in Pretoria in the early 90's, Roan Ash always had a passion for music. He graduated from Hendrik Verwoerd High School and studied music at the Campus of Performing Arts. Recounting his frustration while learning to play his first guitar at the age of 13, he describes his musical beginnings as humble, slow and small. Roan played his first gig at a school carnival in his hometown and then went on to play free shows at small venues, pubs and weddings.


7 Tips On Makeup Hygiene To Take Note Of

For many of us, doing our makeup is part of our daily routine. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that the products you apply to make you look and feel your best, aren’t doing more harm than good. No matter how often you cleanse, tone and moisturize, your skin won’t be at its healthiest if you don’t practice good makeup hygiene. Here are seven makeup hygiene hints to help you keep your makeup in a stellar condition, and your skin, radiant.

Real-life Angel, Harry Styles, Dances His Way Into Everyone’s Hearts

The highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finally aired on 28 November, and millions of viewers tuned in to watch the gorgeous winged models strut their stuff in the latest lingerie offerings from the world-famous brand. Now let’s be real – it’s hard to upstage an intricately dressed Victoria’s Secret Angel. But this year one performer managed to shine. Musical guest and real-life angel, Harry Styles, stole the hearts of everyone who tuned in.

10 Ways To Be Kinder

It’s a tough world out there, and you never know what someone else is struggling with. Sometimes, all a person needs is a kind word or gesture to help them get through the day. Although many people overlook being kind, it is a positive way of living that makes others – and yourself – happy (and who doesn’t want that?) So the next time you find yourself feeling negative and irritable, take a deep breath and try to show kindness to a stranger.

Part-time Actor Chris Evans Doesn’t Think He’s 'Hot'

In a podcast interview with the Thirst Aid Kit, the Captain America star was asked when he first realized he was hot. This is what he said… “Oh, man! Goodness… I still feel like I’m just trying to pull a fast one over on people. You don’t know what I look like first thing in the morning. It’s rough.” No, he wasn’t being humble. He actually has very relatable confidence issues about his appearance. Doubting his looks isn’t a recent development for the actor. Evans revealed to listeners that his feelings of insecurity are rooted in the pre-teen years of his life and that he still struggles with it today.

Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Makes Its Mark

For years almost everyone agreed on Taylor Swift. She wrote pretty love songs and scorching takedowns while most people struggled to put together a witty tweet. She scattered clues through her lyrics and liner notes, inviting die-hard fans to puzzle over what was fact and what was fiction. She won loads of awards. She was observant and savvy, and if those qualities were spun into a type of opportunistic cunning by her critics, it seemed like a good problem to have.

Sorry ladies, Ed Sheeran Is Officially Off The Market!

That’s right – everyone’s favourite ginger is now engaged to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, who said ‘I do’ to Ed’s proposal after almost three years of dating. As is becoming standard in celeb world, Ed took to Instagram to announce his engagement with a loved-up pic of the two of them. “Got myself a fiancée just before new year”, he said in the caption. “We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx.”

Thrive Global

Learning To ‘Evolve’ With Actress, Lindsey McKeon

Lindsey McKeon has worked steadily in Hollywood and is best known as Tessa, The Reaper on Supernatural and Taylor James on One Tree Hill, among others. Besides her acting work, Lindsey recently launched a new website called, Evolve by Lindsey. According to McKeon, if you love to live a healthy lifestyle but don’t want to feel like you’re giving up things you love then Evolve is the place for you. It’s somewhere to gather advice about health, wellness, diet, lifestyle, and relationships.

How Do You Know You’re In A Healthy Relationship?

Relationships are tricky. Even the best ones are filled with ups, downs, and in-betweens. That’s why it’s so important to create a healthy environment in your relationship. Relationships give you the ability to discover yourself and your partner on a deep, intimate level. Healthy couples accept each other, flaws and all. You should accept who your partner chooses to be. Remember, there are cracks in everything, but that’s how the light gets in.

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